Birju Mahavir Organic Halim Seeds – Garden Cress Seeds – Aliv Seeds – Immunity Booster Superfood


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Nutrient packed Halim Seeds are also known as Garden Cress Seeds that are known since hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicines for their medicinal efficacy and strength of powerful nutrients such as Iron, Folate, Vitamins C, A & E along with Calcium, Fibre, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Protein. All the essential amino acids that are body needs are present in high amounts in these seeds. These small seeds are tiny powerhouses that deliver much needed nutrition to your body. These can be soaked, roasted and even added to salads and soups for a healthy power packed meal.

These 100% Natural Organic Ayurvedic Seeds are plant based and Vegetarian!


Guilt-free. Vegetarian. Organic

This Halim Seeds pack has been procured locally and packaged via hygienic and safe means by locally skilled workers. We believe that using Made in India Ayurvedic herbs are a safer and healthier option as this product is fragrance free, synthetic colorant and preservative free.

Use this herb for Guilt-Free Consumption.


“Brijbooti” was born with the idea of continuing the legacy of helping preserve the age-long tradition of Ayurveda. Our mission has always been to deliver authentic and original Ayurvedic ingredients in every home. Operational since 1928, we maintain a collection of even the rarest herbs found in nature, and provide 100% natural ayurvedic products pan India under our brand Birju Mahavir and BrijBooti.


Treats Constipation & Indigestion
Halim Seeds have the power to treat all kinds of stomach related ailments. Whether it be constipation or indigestion, these tiny seeds work to provide a better balance in the GIT. They also help boost metabolism and help your body to absorb nutrients and breakdown food much faster. Precaution is advised as to the intake of these. Overeating of these seeds can even upset the established equilibrium of the digestive tract
Boosts Iron & Hemoglobin
Many people suffer from Iron deficiency can start eating Halim seeds after consulting a professional nutrition expert. These seeds are packed with the power of Iron, even one tablespoon contains 12 mg of iron. Thus eating one tablespoon everyday we manage to consume 60% of the daily recommended requirement for iron. Excellent for those suffering from anemia and deficiency in hemoglobin levels.
Regulates menstrual cycle
With phytochemicals that help balance hormonal imbalances in the female body. They can help regulate the menstrual or periodical cycle and will help you to avoid hormonal medication for the same. Eating natural seeds that are Vegan and Organic and Safe helps to enrich the body with much needed nutrients.
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