Gudhal Phool – Studies have shown that hibiscus tea may lower blood pressure more effectively than standard medication for hypertensive patients. As a result, hibiscus tea may be effective in bringing down high blood pressure while avoiding the side effects of hypertension medications.

In addition to treating loss of appetite, colds, heart and nerve diseases, swelling of the upper respiratory tract (inflammation), fluid retention, stomach irritation, and circulation disorders, hibiscus is also used to dissolve phlegm, as a laxative, and to increase urine output as a diuretic.

There are many health benefits associated with hibiscus
*A rich source of antioxidants
*Reduce blood pressure
*Maintain the health of the liver
*Promote weight loss
*To maintain healthy hair
*Keeping your skin healthy
*For kidney health, use hibiscus

How to Use
*The flowers are commonly used to make organic herbal tea, and the seeds are used as an alternative to coffee.
*Food colourants and dyes are made from red calyces. As an ingredient, calyces can be used to make herbal drinks, fermented drinks, wine, jam, jellies, ice cream, chocolate, flavouring agents, puddings, and cakes.

Names in different languages

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hindi Gudhal
English hibiscus
Sanskrit Japapushpa
Dāsavāḷada hūvu
Gujarati Hibiskasa phūla
Cemparutti malar
Marathi Jaswand
Oriya Mandara
Telgu Mandāra puvvu
Bengali Jabā phula
cemparutti, chemperathi
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Dimensions N/A

100gm, 200gm, 400gm, 800gm


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