It is obtained from the sap of plants called gond or locoweed, then it is dried to form crystals. Gond katira was always used in Ayurvedic medicine for its versatile benefits. In Ancient times, it was a cure for various diseases like cough and dysentery. Simply soak a few pieces in water, after a while the crystals become a jelly consistency. It is tasteless and odorless. It has dual benefits of cooling the body in the summer and heating it during the winter. In summers it is added to many cooling drinks due to its cooling benefits that help tackle heat and heat strokes. Grandmothers would administer this in cool drinks when nose-bleeds would occur due to excessive heat! Katira Gond has power to regenerate cells and thus helps to strengthen the body against seasonal infections and improve age-related skin problems, like wrinkles, fine lines and dullness.

Gond Katira Benefits:

Gond katira possesses purgative properties and is helpful to relieve constipation. As a laxative it can cleanse the body and stimulate movement in the intestines. It has also shown benefits in those suffering from diarrhea.

Gond katira is very beneficial for your skin and enhancing your beauty. Gond katira contains anti-aging properties. It helps to delay wrinkles and fine lines. One can make an anti- aging mask using gond katira.

Gond katira is an effective aphrodisiac and helps to improve the vitality, vigor and stamina in men as well.


Guilt free. Ayurvedic Herb. Vegetarian

This Katira Gond pack has been procured locally and packaged via hygienic and safe means by locally skilled workers. We believe that using Made in India Ayurvedic herbs are a safer and healthier option as this product is fragrance free, synthetic colorant and preservative free.

Use this herb for Guilt-Free Consumption.

“Brijbooti” was born with the idea of continuing the legacy of helping preserve the age-long tradition of Ayurveda. Our mission has always been to deliver authentic and original Ayurvedic ingredients in every home. Operational since 1928, we maintain a collection of even the rarest herbs found in nature, and provide 100% natural ayurvedic products pan India under our brand Birju Mahavir and BrijBooti.

How To Use Gond Katira :

Blessing for Skin:

This Natural Gond has many benefits for our skin. It lends radiance and glow; helps in clearing out pimples and acne and overall keeps the skin looking clean, clear and youthfully healthy!

Make this GOND KATIRA FACE MASK for youthful, wrinkle-free pimple-free radiant skin:

  • Soaked katira gond – 1 small spoon
  • Almond Powder – 2 teaspoons
  • Milk –2tablespoons
  • Rose water –5 teaspoons

Mix all the ingredients together, keep doing so until it forms a paste. Apply this with a brush on your face, forehead and neck. Leave this on for 15 minutes and wash afterwards with cool water. Instantly you will feel rejuvenated. You can even use aloe vera freshly peeled instead of rose water.

Summer Cooler for Body:

This herb helps to tackle nosebleeds and loss of energy in the excessive heat of the summers. It’s prepared as a cooling agent added to cool drinks when people suffer heat strokes.

Improves Digestion:

As a summer cooling agent, it helps in relieving gas and acidity. It even speeds up metabolism and helps in keeping the digestive tract clear.

Other Benefits:

Ayurveda has always suggested this herb for treating patients suffering from cough and dysentery, since ancient times.

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9 reviews for BrijBooti Gond Katira – Kathila Gum – Tragacanth Gum

  1. Anoop Kumar

    Lot’s of health benefits and tasty.

  2. Rashmi

    Good quality authentic gond katira in reasonable price

  3. leena sodhi

    Liked it

  4. Sanket

    It is gond katira not kikar gond.we can not make laddu. we are using it for making sharbat.we have purchased it for Rs 429.00. it is a good product we may go for it.

  5. Giridhari Nayak

    I recommend this product to everyone. It’s an excellent quality and for the price of it, you WON’T find it anywhere. I did lot of price shopping and bought it. Just soak like 1 tbsp and add 1-1.5 glass of water and it will become like jelly for the entire amount of water that you added. I offer this gond to jain monks and also its extremely good for strength, reducing acidity as it’s nature is cold and is very rich in vitamins. You can search online about it’s qualities. But definitely worth buying it. In total I bought 28 kgs to offer to monks and some friends requested me to get for them.

  6. Subhalakshmi Biswas

    Quality wise it is very good and product is very clean. It has many health benefits. ou just have to soak a small amount of gond katira in water and leave it overnight. It will become like jelly and ready to eat in the morning.
    I am satisfied with the product.

  7. Mohini

    I have purchase this for making laddu. Awesome Product

  8. Amit Kumar

    Gond Katira Is Just To Good. thank you Brijbooti

  9. mohit

    gond katira achha hai

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