The Hindi name for Gorakhmundi is Mundi. It belongs to the Sphaeranthus family of flowering plants. There are many Sanskrit names for it, including “Tapaswini”, “Mahamundi Aruna”, and “Nilak Dambika”.

The herb has been used for centuries to treat TB, heartburn, madness, chest pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, asthma, epilepsy, leprosy, helminthiasis, stomach bugs, fever, hernia, poison disorders, and diabetes.

All parts of a plant can be used as medicine according to Ayurveda. A variety of conditions may be treated with them, including jaundice, hemicranias, coughing, leucoderma, hepatopathy, hernias, gastropathy, and abnormal urinary discharges.

Additionally, it is used to treat indigestion, helminthiasis, asthma, loose breasts, dysentery, haemorrhoids, spleen diseases, vomiting, skin diseases, and pain over the uterus and vagina.

Gorakhmundi health benefits & how to use it


Even if you don’t have stones or gallstones, Gorakhmundi is an effective treatment for uterine and other vaginal diseases.


Gorakhmundi is used as a folk remedy for ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) and ophthalmology (Eye) conditions. You can improve your eyesight by eating it over time. Put two teaspoons of sesame oil and three or four Gorakhmundi flowers in a bowl. You’ll be able to see better and keep your eyes from becoming red if you drink it regularly.

A disease of the vata

You can treat Vata diseases with a combination of Gorakhmundi powder, ghee, and honey taken in the morning and evening. The powders Gorakhmundi and Saunth can also be taken in equal amounts in hot water to relieve common vata pains.


Mix Gorakhmundi powder with neem bark powder to make a decoction and drink it in the morning and evening if you have leprosy.


There are many benefits to consuming Gorakhmundi powder, including relief from discharge (gonorrhoea) and other metallurgical diseases.

Bad Breath

Take one pinch of Gorakhmundi powder in the morning and one pinch at night, mixed with vinegar.


Take 2–3 grams of Gorakhmundi powder twice a day with lukewarm water. It is also recommended to drink 1/4 cup of Gorakhmundi juice twice daily.

Names in different languages

Sphaeranthus indicus
Mundi, Gorakhmundi
Indian globe thistle
Sanskrit kadamb puspika
Gujarati Bodiokalara
Kottak, Kottak karandai
Marathi Barasa vodi
Telgu Gulab reka
Mirangani, Attakkamanni
Kannada Mundi
Ghundi, Mundibuti
Bokashungi, Murisa
Murmuriya, Chagul nadi
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Dimensions N/A

100gm, 200gm, 400gm, 800gm


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