Halim seeds are beneficial for overall health and prevent many diseases. There are a number of nutrients found in seeds, including iron, fiber, folate, vitamins C, A, E, and K, protein, and many others. Their uses include boosting immunity, treating anemia, relieving constipation, and regulating hormones. Enhance the production of breast milk, regulate menstruation, etc.

Halim seeds: how to use them? 

*Adding halim seeds to soups, salads, and smoothies gives them a tangy flavor.

*Roast or sprout Hilam seeds for snacking

Benefits of Halim seeds

*The seeds of halim help treat anemia
*The benefits of Halim seeds for bone health
*A halim seed boosts immunity
*It is believed that halim seeds enhance digestion
*Menstrual cycles are regulated by halim seeds?
*Treatment of type 2 diabetes with halim seeds
*Cancer-fighting properties of Halim seeds
*Halim seeds on hyperlipidemia
*Hair loss can be prevented with Halim seeds

Names in different languages

Botanical – Lepidium Sativum Seeds
Hindi – Halim ke beej
English – Garden Cress Seeds
Sanskrit – Chandrashur
Kannada – Alvi
Gujarati – Asalio
Marathi – Ahliva
Bengali – Halime Beej
Tamil – Aali Vidai
Telgu – Asaliya Vittanalu
Malyalam – haleem vithukal

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250gm, 400gm, 900gm


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