BrijBooti Ratanjot – Alkanna Tinctoria – Alkanet Root

Brijbooti Ratanjot – Benefits & Uses

– Ratanjot for Skin 

– Ratanjot for Health of the Heart

– Ratanjot for Sleeping Disorders

– Ratanjot for Hair

Ratanjot for fever and headaches

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In spite of its many names, Ratanjot is one of the most underrated spices. In addition to providing a rich red colour to food, Ratan jot has numerous medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Get its goodness in culinary fare by adding it to your kitchen

Ratanjot Benefits

Health Benefits of Ratanjot:

Ratanjot for Skin
Inflammation can be reduced and the skin can be cleared and healed with ratanjot or alkanet roots. Your skin won’t get infected or inflamed when you use Ratanjot, and burn scars can be healed with it as well.

Ratanjot for Health of the Heart
Ratanjot supports a healthy heart and immune system. As a result of the different chemicals in Ratanjot, many toxic and poisonous substances are removed from the bloodstream. By maintaining a healthy heart, and by improving blood flow, the body stays healthy and works better.

Ratanjot for Sleeping Disorders
Experts say Ratanjot oil made from Alkanet roots can relieve insomnia and other sleep problems. You can get a better night’s sleep if you apply Ratanjot oil to your head and around your nose.

Ratanjot for fever and headaches
Ratanjot reduces fever and headaches. Ratanjot contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that have a cooling and calming effect on the body, so it facilitates recovery.

Ratanjot for Hair
Ratanjot can be beneficial to your hair in a number of ways.  Alkanet or Ratanjot can be used to dye your hair naturally. It restores and strengthens your hair from the roots up. Ratanjot powder can be used on grey hair to give it a natural color. The oil extracted from the roots of Ratanjot can treat various hair problems, such as profuse hair loss, grey hair, and avoid the symptoms of baldness.

How to use Ratanjot 

For skin
A mixture of gram flour, turmeric powder, and ratanjot powder should be prepared. Lastly, add enough milk to make a paste and apply as a face pack. Skin lightening is possible with this face pack.

For Hair
Add 2-3 tablespoons of Ratanjot powder to Henna powder and mix well. Apply the paste to your hair and scalp and leave it for at least an hour. Henna and Ratanjot both have dyeing properties. Ratanjot powder is best used this way for grey hair. Additionally, it prevents hair loss.

Ratanjot hair oil is made by adding coconut oil and castor oil to a cup of pure coconut oil. Boil the oil after adding Fenugreek (Methi) seeds and Alkanet roots. If you prefer, you can keep the mixture under the sun for 2-3 days and apply it to your scalp 2-3 times a week.

A good detoxifier
Ratanjot roots boiled in water are consumed every morning. Especially beneficial if you suffer from blood-hormone imbalance, eczema, or other skin conditions. A Kaadha can also be prepared by boiling Alkanet roots with neem leaves and Kattha/Khair tree wood. Remove toxins from your body by drinking this twice or three times a week.

Glowing Skin With Ratanjot Face Pack:
Any face pack can be enhanced with Ratnajot oil. It works well for treating skin infections as well as reducing scars and blemishes. Take a tsp of ratanjot oil that’s been infused with extra virgin olive oil and heated under sunlight before using it as a face pack. Take a tbsp of besan, also called gram flour, and place it in a bowl. Add in 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder to it. Include a tsp of ratanjot oil as well. As a final step, mix in enough milk to form a paste and apply it as a face pack. Dry skin can be treated with this face pack.

Names in different languages

Alkanna tinctoria
Hindi Ratanjot, Laljari
Alkanet, Dyers Bugloss, Spanish Bugloss
Maharanga, Dhamani
Ghundi, Mundibuti
Assame Bipornok
Laljari, Koame, Maharanga
Bengali Ratanjot
Yatilung, Yarilung
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  1. The colour of the bark came instantly.product is amazing good .a must buy from this company if you are buying Ratan joth

  2. I have got the Ratanjot Herb for second time from Brijbooti and it’s super efficient. The packaging is intact, the product inside is soo fresh and pure. I have used it for making hair oil and lip serum oil and it works wonders. If your are looking for Ratanjot Herb for hair or skin products this is must buy.

  3. I add this while cooking lucknow special curries it adds a nawabi flavor to dishes

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