Shivlingi beej

The Shivlingi beej or Shivlingi seeds are used to treat female infertility. It improves conception chances in infertile women who are suffering from uterine tonics. Ayurveda uses it along with Putrajeevak Beej as a fertility enhancer.

Male fertility can be improved with Shivlingi seeds. They have been shown to increase testosterone levels and sperm count in men. In order to confirm the fertility enhancing effect of the seeds on men, clinical studies will need to be conducted.

Based on its ayurvedic properties, it reduces Kapha Dosha. As a result, Shivlingi is more beneficial to the patient if they have more symptoms of aggravated or increased Kapha. Those who suffer from Pitta Dosha aggravation or excess should not use it.

The following health conditions benefit from Shivlingi Beej.

Female infertility
Male infertility due to Oligospermia
Impaired spermatogenesis
Asthenozoospermia – reduced spermatic motility
Teratospermia – defective or abnormal spermatic morphology
Obesity & weight loss (when used alone)
Hyperglycemia & diabetes

Names In Different Languages

Bryonia laciniosa Linn
Hindi shivlingi beej
striped cucumber
Lingini, amruta, bahupatra


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50gm, 100gm, 200gm, 400gm


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