There are many nutrients in Bael Patra, such as vitamins A, C, B1, and B6, calcium, and fibre. These leaves are believed to be beneficial for several health issues, which is why you must consume Bael Patra every day. Consuming it daily can relieve stomach-related problems, improve heart and liver health.

The high laxative content of Bel Patra contributes to its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. You can cure rashes and excess perspiration on the skin by using Bel Patra. It also eliminates body odour. You can solve your hair fall problem by drinking Bel Patra juice.

The benefits of Belpatra

Immune booster

Resolve stomach problems

Enhances the health of the heart

Ensures that the body is kept cool

Maintains a healthy blood sugar level

How to consume Bael Patra

Mix half a spoon of belpatra powder with 250 ml of water and drink.

You can also take Bel Patra by mixing it with honey. A combination of honey and Bael Patra strengthens the body’s immunity.

Names in different languages

Botanical Aegle Marmelos
belpatra, belpattar
wood apple Leaves
Sanskrit bilva patra
Gujarati Bilivaohal, Bili
Tamil Viliva marum
Telgu Biliva Pandu
Bengali beal patra
Malyalam Marredy
bilpatra, Kumbala
Oriya Belo patra


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