Ayurvedic medicine uses Indrajau Meetha to treat diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome. It has a pungent and sour taste with a potent chilli kick. This herb is also useful for treating joint swellings. There are two kinds of glabrous Kutaj Chaal Powder: the forest-dwelling Kutaj Chaal Powder and the forest-dwelling Kutaj Chaal Powder. Bark on the tree is tough and pale brownish grey or brown. Its seeds are abundant, light brown, and covered in tufts of silky hair.

Inderajau increases hunger and boosts digestion. Also, it relieves colic, flatus, and stomach distention in children. Other fever-related symptoms such as cold sweating, excessive thirst, shivering, and a burning sensation can also be reduced with this herb. It also eliminates dangerous threadworms and ringworms in the intestines.

The body gains strength when this plant is used frequently. Additionally, it provides energy to body cells and helps overcome general weakness. The herb is also highly effective for treating kidney stones. As well as healing kidney stones, this is beneficial in fighting other infections related to this vital bodily organ (Indrajau Meetha). Eliminates phlegm and congestion in the respiratory tract. People with asthma and chronic coughs benefit from it because it reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract. This herb reduces swelling and irritation of the blood vessels within piles, which causes painful, bleeding piles.

Indrajau Meetha has many benefits
*Among its uses are treating infections and skin conditions such as ringworm, scabies, and itching.
*In addition to treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it also improves the quality of life.
*Rejuvenating and strengthening the body’s immune system are two of its excellent properties.
*Herbal treatment for colic that is effective.
*Malabsorption can also be treated with it.

Different Names Of Indrajau Meetha

Indrajav, Tao tiao pi, Sweet lndarjao, Easter Tree, Ivory Tree, Färber-Oleander, Mitha Indarjava, Gode Indarjava, Safed Kuda, Metha Kuda, Khinna, Kutaja, Kiridosige, Kodamurki, Hale, Wrightia tinctoria R. Br, Mitha Indarjava, Gode Indarjava, Zaban Kunjashk, Indarjao Mitha, Svetakutaja, Strikutaja, Kutaj Beej, Indarjao Shirin, Indrajao, Indrajou, Inderjou, Inderjoo, Indrjau, Indrjav, Katuja

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