It is common for us to find dried methi seed/fenugreek leaves and seeds in almost every Indian cuisine that we consume. The seeds of fenugreek have a distinctive aroma and have a nutty, but slightly bitter taste. In addition to using the leaves and seeds of methi as a spice, one can also eat the seeds after soaking them overnight in water.

There are many cosmetic companies and soap manufacturers that use fenugreek extract for the purpose of maintaining healthy skin and hair. There are numerous health conditions that can be treated with fenugreek, which can be beneficial to both men and women.

Health Benifites of Methi Seeds

It has been known since ancient times that fenugreek has been used as a health-promoting herb and to treat a variety of different ailments, such as digestive problems, skin conditions, hair problems, and leg weakness. There are a lot of nutrients in fenugreek seeds, including fiber, iron, manganese, magnesium, and plant-based proteins. There are a number of health benefits associated with methi seeds, some of which are listed below:

1. Testosterone is boosted with the use of fenugreek
2. Beneficial During Breastfeeding
3. It promotes the growth of hair
4. Losing weight can be achieved with this product
5. Assists in the treatment of diabetes
6. It is capable of treating dandruff
7. It may be used to treat acne
8. Enhances the health of the skin
9. Reduces the symptoms of PCOS by helping to relieve them
10. Is a good remedy for constipation

How to Use

The best way to get the maximum benefit out of fenugreek seeds is to soakthem in water over night. You can then ground them or use them as they are.

If you have an empty stomach, you can eat the seeds. There are other ways to use the powder, such as infusing it in water, using it as a seasoning, as a supplement, or even applying it directly to the affected area.

Names in different languages

Trigonella foenum-graecum
Hindi Methi
English Fenugreek
Sanskrit Methika
Kannada Menthya
Oriya Hulba
Tamil Meti
Telgu Menthulu
Malyalam Uluva
Assamese Methi, Mithi
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

100gm, 200gm, 400gm, 800gm


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